We all awaken to the New Year full of firm resolve and lofty aspirations – to exercise more, watch TV less, lose that lingering last 10 pounds. But by the 1st of February, the vast majority of these resolutions find themselves on the ‘Maybe Next Year’ list.

Let’s be honest: if you’re already feeling maxed out…if you wake up as tired as when you went to bed…if your digestive system and appetite are out of whack, what are the chances your best intentions will stick? In many cases, these feelings of malaise are caused by a buildup of toxins from the foods we eat, the air we breathe, the off-gassing materials where we work and play. Detoxification is a great way to optimize your energy and put you in the right state of body and mind to vigorously pursue a healthier, happier lifestyle.

While many people try their luck with the ‘Detox Diets’ broadly available on the web and through health food retailers, I prefer a gentle Detox program that doesn’t shock the body but simply assists in the process of eliminating toxins. Afterward, most people notice increased energy, clearer skin, improved digestion…even weight loss.


As part of a program customized to your specific needs, Sublime uses Metagenics – a line nutritional supplements formulated according to published scientific studies in nutrigenomics. We always use the UltraClear protein powder and AdvaClear pills with your diet. Use of additional supplements will depend on patient history, evidence of heavy metal toxicity and so on.


During your Detox, it’s wise to support your body with other health modalities that reduce cortisol levels and help your circulation and lymph systems clear toxins. This Ayurvedic-inspired wrap layers healing and cleansing ingredients to purify your skin in stages. A soothing foot massage is followed by a full-body exfoliation with Neem and Date Seed Body Exfoliator. An aromatic oil massage follows, stimulating lymphatic drainage and circulation. Finally, a nourishing Neem and Green Tea Cleansing Mask and a hydrating Neem and Blood Orange Body Lotion help repair proteins and rebuild collagen levels in damaged skin.



To become more ‘connected’ to your body and deal calmly with anything that feels uncomfortable during Detox (such as the effects of eliminating caffeine), this is a good time to learn and practice the ancient art of meditation. Sublime’s experienced practitioners can teach you techniques to breathe effectively, release stress and ‘just be’.

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