Food is medicine. Discover if you’re getting enough of the correct nutrients and how your practices contribute to your overall health. Learn the latest on food and nutraceuticals for maximizing antioxidant protection, boosting your immune system, improving athletic performance, stress control, aiding digestion and metabolism as well as specific recommendations for various health concerns.

Our nutrition programs are customized for you – whether it is to fine tune your diet, help with a medical concern or achieve a specific goal.


An FLT Nutritional Consultation is an in-depth assessment of current health concerns directly related to diet and lifestyle factors. Eating healthy foods and addressing issues within the body by through proper diet and supplements corrects imbalances and helps prevent disease or illness.

At Sublime, an FLT practitioner will focus on your main health goal by going over specific nutritional programs, discuss meal plans, grocery shopping tips and make recommendations on supplements to help correct and enhance performance and overall health.

Sublime’s Holistic Nutrition Consultation may include:

  • Cleanse and detoxify;
  • Weight loss or weight gain solutions;
  • Heal the digestive and intestinal system;
  • Disease prevention;
  • Alternative options and referrals for health care;
  • Support the body to heal;

Initial meeting and plan with one follow-up session: $300
Follow-ups: 1 hour $150, 30 minutes $80


Combining our Detoxification Program and the First Line Therapy Program , Sublime will assess and recommend changes toward a healthy, long-term lifestyle of wellness and healthy weight control.

Click here to view our 12-week First Line Therapy program.