A safe and effective treatment for women’s health and wellness.

Plus 90

Plus 90 is a non-invasive radiofrequency device for vaginal treatments. Vaginal laxity and atrophy are caused mainly by aging and vaginal childbirth, which lead to a loss of strength and flexibility with the vaginal wall. As a result, woman may experience vaginal, pelvic, sexual and urinary symptoms that significantly affect their quality of life.

Comfortable and uniform sub-dermal radiofrequency heating is applied to the deep and superficial tissues. The versatility of the hand-piece allows us to customize the treatment depending on patient concerns. Patients often see results immediately, with continued improvements over the following weeks. A course of three treatments is recommended for optimum results.


Fractora uses customized fractional radiofrequency energy and microneedling to improve skin problems and skin texture, tightening at a deep level. This bi-polar radiofrequency allows us to accurately treat a targeted zone for a precise and controlled treatment. Fractora allows for full depth resurfacing that improves elastin and collagen remodeling to positively impact a women’s feminine health and quality of life.


Three Sessions of Plus 90 and one session of Fractora – $3000

We recommend booking the treatments 2-3 weeks apart.

Please contact us to schedule a detailed consultation to address any questions or concerns regarding this treatment.


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