Man, woman, teenager, grandmother, business executive, outdoor adventurer, mom or newlywed,
what story do you wish your face to tell?

We combine art and science in working with the specifics of your skin and your story.

Perhaps there is a medical condition such as acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin that we need to address.
Perhaps, it’s the realities of our dry climate that need to be soothed.
Perhaps, it’s responding to the evidence of times gone by.

Make your own choice, or share your thoughts and let us prescribe a Sublime treatment for your face.

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Sublime Facial

Tranquility Face and Décolleté – 60 minutes Restore – Hydrating, Pure, organic essences; exfoliating fruit enzymes; wild, mineral-rich hydrating mask; and nourishing whole-plant serums refine and feed the skin while facial muscles are toned with a unique stimulating-lifting massage. Includes décolleté treatment.

Optional warm Agave Nectar Oil Hand & Foot massage.

60 Minutes – $175

Pure Express

Radiant skin is achieved in less than an hour with this quick pick-me-up.
A custom facial with hand-selected products is designed to brighten, tone and hydrate your skin.

30 Minutes – $75

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Acne Facial

This treatment is highly exfoliating and purifying to alleviate

blackheads , breakouts and improve skin texture. It includes LED light therapy to control bacteria and inhibit excess oil production, resulting in clear, healthy skin.

60 Minutes – $150

Back to Basics Treatment

Clarify your back for a healthy, even finish with this deep-cleansing back to basics facial treatment.
We treat you to a special cocktail of botanicals, combined with Abhyanga back movement to stimulate lymphatic flow.
The results include deep cleansing of an often neglected area, detoxifying, and de-stressing.

45 Minutes : $100     –    Series of Six: $500

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Purely Organic

Using plant-based purely organic products, this relaxing and custom treatment rejuvenates the skin. Cleansing, toning and softening prepares for the removal of impurities through a gentle extraction process. Exfoliation, gentle massage and re-hydration complete this skin refining treatment. Relaxation is enhanced through a soothing arm, hand and shoulder massage.

1 Hour – $125
Series of Six – $625


This exclusive Age Correcting Facial – 75 minutes – Featuring luxurious Swiss Line will provide ultimate results with the exclusive development of Cellactel 2 complex.

This facial includes a Triple – Masque System to act on each level of the skin delivering lifting, hydrating and correcting effects. Advanced muscle-relaxing neuropeptides instantly reduce wrinkles, reinforce collagen and restore the skin’s youthful cushion. Enjoy a luxurious Ageless Hand Treatment and signature facial massages to stimulate healthy circulation. Revive your tired eyes with an algae-eye therapy masque that will reduce signs of fatigue and immediately give you radiant and healthy skin.

75 Minutes – $250

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Advanced iSignature

Advanced Age Correcting Facial – 90 minutes Result – Radiant Producing immediate results with the latest advances in skin-care products, this facial, based on a 30% multi-acid exfoliation, and using a state-of-the-art 360 triple collagen complex, is customized to address and correct specific aging concerns, including, fine lines & wrinkles, uneven texture and premature aging. It involves a deep cleansing massage and a hydrating mask that will leave the skin vibrant. An Oxygen ampoule is included, and an upgrade to an Neck & Décolleté mask is available.

Advanced iSigniture – $285

Deluxe Facial

Results Driven -75 minutes – Luxurious Decadent and result driven ingredients leave you looking and feeling renewed. Featuring Vivier’s collection, this treatment includes a peptide-rich serum; multi-acid skin exfoliation, contour-lifting facial massage with 24 K gold vibration tool, and hyaluronic acid infused mask to improve skin luminosity. This facial repairs, firms and hydrates the skin to deliver the ultimate experience.

75 min – Deluxe Facial – $225

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visia skin analysis

VISIA Skin Analysis

We offer a thorough skin analysis with our sophisticated VISIA technology, allowing for a detailed look at your skin’s condition. The VISIA Skin Analysis system will take multiple pictures of your skin, including UV images to expose photo damage hidden beneath the skin’s surface. These images allow our skincare experts to evaluate skin tone, age spots, texture and sun damage which will assist in the optimal assessment of treatments and skin care products.

30 minutes, $75   –   Credited to the cost of a service when booked.


Ayurveda Healing Head Massage – a relaxing and therapeutic scalp massage using Indian Marma points:  30 minutes: $75

Add on to another service: $55

Luscious Lip Treatment – replenish your lips with a moisturizing exfoliation, a plumping and anti-aging serum and lavish in a finishing balm full of essential oils. This treatment reduces fine lines, firms and gives your lips a youthful glow:  $20

Paraffin Treatment for Hands and Feet

Soften your skin and sooth aching joints with paraffin treatments for your hands and feet. Select from: Detox, Nourishing or Antioxidant:  $20

Massage – 30 minutes add-on: $55

Brow Shaping: $30


We are excited to announce
NEW treatments, devices and medical-grade skin care 

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