Calgary Facial Spa

Tips For Choosing the Right Calgary Facial Spa:

Tip #1: If at all possible, try to get a personal referral from a friend or family member who has visited a medical spa recently. Consumer experts agree that a referral is the best way to determine the value provided by any product or service provider. In the event that you’re unable to come by a referral, visit your preferred local directory online to see what others are saying about your prospective Calgary facial spa. While it’s true that many 1 and 5-star reviews are biased in nature, there is a lot to be gained from looking through 3 and 4-star ratings. At Sublime Wellness, we invite you to type our name into your directory’s search bar to see our long and growing list of satisfied clients. We recommend Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google to start your search.

Tip #2: Look for a spa that uses cutting-edge technology to treat clients. Many spas are still using out-dated techniques for the simple reason that new equipment is costly, and it’s more efficient for them to continue using the equipment they have on hand. For this reason, we recommend our clients research the latest treatments and procedures available for their needs. At Sublime Wellness, we continuously invest in the latest equipment to ensure we’re able to meet the needs of our clients with innovation and efficiency. Our Calgary facial spa is proud to offer ThreeForMe as one of the newest laser procedures available for renewing dull skin. As the only treatment available to address the 3 most common skin concerns, our 30-minute treatment can reduce wrinkles, sun damage and facial veins.

Tip #3: Consider the costs. Compare the costs of treatment at your prospective medical spa with those of surrounding facilities. A reputable facility will make their fees available on their website or readily when you call their office. Steer clear of a Calgary facial spa that tells you they will be happy to disclose their fees to you following a consultation; it’s a sure sign that their fees are too high to boast about. Visit our website and select from our treatments and procedures on the ‘Face’ drop down menu where you’ll find our fees displayed by the accompanying treatment. At Sublime Wellness, we’re proud to make the latest treatments available to our clients at affordable rates we feel are a tremendous value.

You can learn more about our Calgary facial spa by spending a few moments on our website or by calling our friendly and knowledgeable staff at 403-295-3355. For your convenience, you can book an appointment online or by phone. Take a virtual tour of our facility from the homepage of our website- simply click on ‘Tour Sublime’ to get started. We’re known throughout Calgary as one of the most reputable medical spas in the city and we are proud of our long and growing list of satisfied clients. Become one yourself- book an appointment today.

Calgary Facial Spa
Sublime Wellness
815 17 Ave SW 220, Calgary, AB T2T 0A1

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