body wrap

Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Beginning with a light exfoliation, our wraps utilize a programmable heated thermal blanket. Concentrated heat to select zones ensures maximum absorption of products and enhances the overall benefits of each treatment. As you are wrapped you will enjoy a sublime scalp massage.

Detoxifying Pumpkin Wrap

What better way to enjoy pumpkin pie but as a detox! Get a full body exfoliation with our sweet cream scrub, and then wrapped up in a warm, detoxifying pumpkin mud that has the aroma of fresh baked pie. Finish with a dollop of whipped cream to moisturize from head to toe.

1.5 hours $175

Seaweed Leaf

magine being wrapped from head to toe in freshly harvested seaweed leaf. This luxurious, organic marine anti-aging and cellulite treatment covers the entire body. It detoxifies, firms and softens the skin, improving suppleness and elasticity. Antioxidant compounds protect against cell damage by toning and stimulating skin to fight the signs of cellulite and aging. Tired and lethargic muscles are relaxed, relieving stress and fatigue. We use the finest seaweed harvested by hand from the ocean to ensure the highest content of bio-actives.

1.5 hour: $175

Chocolate Blitz Mud Wrap

There’s no better way to enjoy chocolate! The Chocolate Blitz Body Wrap is a decadent, super-hydrating and anti- aging body mask. This combination of botanical Moor Mud and the active ingredients improves circulation, stimulates the central nervous system, revitalizes the epidermis, soothes sensitive skin and reduces cellulite. All this while being surrounded by the irresistible scent of chocolate.

1.5 hour: $175

Firming Wrap

An ultra-hydrating and skin firming body treatment to beautify your whole being. We incorporate the botanical ingredients and technologically advanced skin-tightening Peptides to tone, lift and rejuvenate the whole body. This is an intensive but relaxing treatment, incorporating our back massage and full-body exfoliation. Finish with our unique skin firming body mask to feel rejuvenated, refreshed and toned all over.

1.5 hour: $175

Mocha Java Body Wrap

Cold hands and feet no more! Mocha Java Coffee extract and Caffeine combine with Orange essential oil in a super circulation stimulator. This gets your microcirculation pumping, reducing puffiness while speeding up the burning of fat. The added Vitamin E and Hemp oil infuse the skin with protein making this Moor Mud wrap a hydrating, cell regenerating treatment without leaving your skin oily. This is a great treatment to reduce bloating and swelling, leaving you feeling more toned and firm.

1.5 hour: $175

Moor Mud Cellulite Treatment

This is an intensive treatment using 100% Canadian Moor Mud, herbs and an aggressive cellulite massage. A combination of essential oils are used on “trouble” areas to help activate the circulation and detoxify, reducing cellulite build up. Skin will rediscover its elasticity. For optimal results one treatment a week for four consecutive weeks is recommended, as well as an at home regime.

1.5 hour: $175


Express Facial

30 minutes add-on: $55

Luscious Lip Treatment

Replenish your lips with a moisturizing exfoliation, a plumping and anti-aging serum and lavish in a finishing balm full of essential oils. This treatment reduces fine lines, firms and gives your lips a youthful glow.


Beautiful Eyes

Treat and firm the delicate eye area with this nourishing treatment. We apply gentle massage techniques and a firming formula – to soothe, de-puff, hydrate and release stress. An ideal add on to any facial.