Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a system in which small amounts of current (Micro), and use of different frequencies are applied to the body. The stimulation is not strong enough, nor meant to cause an action potential (contraction) of any muscle, and is comfortable. Some will notice faint sensations, others may not notice the frequency at all.

Typically, Frequency Specific Microcurrent is used as a way to address pain and sports related injuries.
Through published articles some of the positive effects document of Frequency Specific Microcurrent has included:

  • Treating acute and chronic pain
  • Reduce inflammation of various tissues
  • Increased Endorphin levels
  • Aid in recovery of adrenal fatigue
  • Promote healing of bone and soft tissue
  • Reduced healing time of lesions from shingles

Some of these articles can be found here:

All treatments, where appropriate, include applications of this technique in combination with Acupuncture.

For Frequency Specific Microcurrent to offer any benefit, please arrive to your appointment well hydrated.

1 litre of water, 1 hour prior is best.


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