These services start with a gentle body exfoliation treatment. Then you are suspended in a “cocoon-like” environment in our heated Soft Pac Floatation bed. The weightless, heated environment of the bed increases the body’s absorption rate, relaxes your entire body and brings a sense of timelessness. This treatment is physiologically equivellent to two hours sleep – a true power nap!

Detoxifying Pumpkin Float

What better way to enjoy pumpkin pie but as a detox! Get a full body exfoliation with our sweet cream scrub, and then wrapped up in a warm, detoxifying pumpkin mud that has the aroma of fresh baked pie. Finish with a dollop of whipped cream to moisturize from head to toe.

1.5 hours $175

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bliss

Best enjoyed: Double Dipping
The mood: Cover me in ultra-fudgy deliciousness!
Experience: Enter a very dark chocolate place! A Sweet Cream sea salt exfoliation smooths all the rough spots. Next, a warm dark chocolate softening mask is painted over every inch, and left to nourish skin with antioxidant-rich CoQ10 enzymes while you relaxed wrapped in the warmth of our Soft Pac bed. Last, a dollop of delight! A whipped Shea butter and live strawberry fruit cell massage brings deep, luscious hydration!
Keep the spark going with a take home Strawberry Smash Moisturizer and a Sweet Cream Body Scrub.


Herbal Blossom

Choose from three different herbs for this herbal blossom infusion, each with its own therapeutic benefits to soothe your mind, body and spirit. Lavender – antiseptic, purifying, harmonizing and uplifting.
Chamomile – anti-inflammatory, calming and relaxing.
Rose – purifying, antiseptic, harmonizing and calming.
Your treatment begins with an exfoliation followed by wrapping the body in sheets soaked in the steeped herbal mixture. Then you are lowered into the warm cocoon Float Bed. To end, you will receive an application of body butter to lock in hydration.

1 hour: $140

Evening Primrose

 Recommended for dry skin conditions, this treatment is for early aging skin. Capitalizing on nature’s powerful healing benefits of rich creams and Evening Primrose oil layered over your entire body, your skin will be hydrated and nourished. A scalp massage completes the journey as you relax in a warm cocoon Float Bed.

1 hour: $140

Butter Crème Melt

A delicious experience, we start with a gentle exfoliation. You will then be covered head-to-toe in an ultra-rich Butter Crème and nourishing Evening Primrose oil, as you relax in the warmth of our cocoon float. This combination formulates an extremely nourishing and hydrating treatment for your skin.

1 hour: $140

Golden Moor Mud

The health properties of Moor Mud have been used for thousands of years in all-purpose, wellness and detoxification treatments. The warmth and relaxation of the water combined with the ancient healing power of nutrient-rich Moor Mud is wonderfully detoxifying and hydrating. This wrap revitalizes and refreshes the body – the proven benefits of this treatment will help you achieve the ultimate sense of well being.

1.5 hours: $180

Roll in Ze Hay Bath

The spectacular farmland and rolling hills of the Alberta landscape inspired this unique and stimulating spa treatment. You will experience the healing properties of a special blend of stones like onyx and quartz, steamy mountain water with essence of Rosemary and Evergreen. Covered in certified organic hay and essential oils, hardy toxins won’t stand a chance! Along with a positive effect on the respiratory tract, this bath is designed to stimulate blood circulation.

1.5 hours: $180



30 minutes add-on: $55


Replenish your lips with a moisturizing exfoliation, a plumping and anti-aging serum and lavish in a finishing balm full of essential oils. This treatment reduces fine lines, firms and gives your lips a youthful glow.



Treat and firm the delicate eye area with this nourishing treatment. We apply gentle massage techniques and a firming formula – to soothe, de-puff, hydrate and release stress. An ideal add on to any facial.