As many people presume, we are not born a blank canvas upon which others paint the story of our lives, rather we are born a beautiful work of art with a very clear purpose, and we spend our lifetime searching and refining that purpose through experience, assimilation, and growth.

The earlier we can figure out what we choose to achieve in this life time, the easier it is to stay on the path and understand our gift to ourselves and the world as a whole. The Aura Somasystem is an incredible modality for drawing out ones purpose and expression of it. It is a gentle way to learn the intricacies of our personalities, our challenges, and our soul characteristics.

It can help to answer some of the big questions we all seem to arrive at in our lifetimes….why do I repeat behaviors that result in challenge, why do I surround myself with personalities I find difficult to deal with, how can I tap into that inner wisdom we all have to make the journey peaceful and rewarding.

The system was created in England by a highly intuitive, blind woman by the name of Vicky Wall. It is practiced around the world and is truly a gift to experience.

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