It is known as qi in traditional Chinese medicine, ki in the Japanese Kampo system, and doshas in Ayurvedic medicine. It is referred to as prana, orgone, odic force, mana and homeopathic resonance. Across cultures, across centuries, these names have evolved to describe the complex energy systems or life forces intrinsic to each of us – that feeling, not always visible to the eye, which shines bright or dims with the ebb and flow of life.

These subtle energy systems can be bruised by factors such as emotional trauma, toxins, prolonged stress, poor nutrition and physical injury. The resulting signs emerge as visible physical or emotional illnesses. Yet given the right attention, these same life forces can be naturally powerful healing and preventative/wellness tool.

For Dr. Kathryn Dundas, MD, CCFP – who combines both ancient and modern approaches in her medical practice, the focus on energy is so fundamental to treating the mind, body and spirit that she has made it a cornerstone within Sublime Wellness.

“Why would you ignore the practices that societies throughout the world have honed over thousands of years to help people? To dismiss techniques that may be foreign to western medicine but have proven effective time and again simply does not make sense to me. At Sublime, we draw on various traditions such as reiki, meditation and healing touch as a means of restoring or enhancing a person’s energy.”

“It’s widely acknowledged that we are electrical beings; however, people are skeptical of the systems that carry the energy and the notion of energy healing,” adds Dundas. “Yet, they’ll recognize the benefits of acupuncture, which is an ancient treatment developed by the Chinese to encourage the energy flow. We’re simply pushing ahead, integrating other modalities in treating the energy systems of the human body.”

While the language varies throughout the world, practitioners agree on eight energy systems affecting your body and mind. These systems, long recognized by energy healers, have recently been substantiated by electromagnetic measurements. While the names may seem exotic, the concepts behind them make sense.

Look at the meridians, for instance, involving 14 tangible channels that form the body’s “energy bloodstream.” These energy pathways affect every organ and every physiological system. When the meridian’s energy is enhanced or disrupted, the system it feeds is influenced for better or worse. Those same pathways are directly linked to hundreds of small reservoirs of heat and electromagnetic energy that lie just under the skins surface.

Alternatively, your aura is seen as a two-way conduit allowing energy from the environment to reach your chakras (concentrated centers of energy) and outward from your chakras to the environment. The research, conducted at UCLA”s Energy Fields Laboratory, comparing aura readings with neurophysiological measures showed a direct correlation between energy practitioner readings and wave patterns detected by electrodes on observation points on the skin’s surface.

For Dr. Dundas and Sublime, energy work is a critical aspect of how you choose to live in your body’s journeywhether that involves a high profile career or a quiet, private life at home. Whether the focus is on healing, restoring or enhancing your life forces, it is all about how you choose To Be.

Dr. Kathryn Dundas Sublime Wellness

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