Smoothies are excellent, tasty ways to give your body and your skin an instant boost.  One of my favourite skin boosting smoothie recipes is as follows.  Please feel free to alter to suit your own personal taste:

In a blender mix the following

  • two oranges or two cups of fresh orange juice (source of vitamin C)
  • half a banana (potassium and vitamin C)
  • one cup of cooked spinach (source of iron)
  • one cup of fresh carrots (source of beta-Carotine)
  • one scoop of protein powder or one cup of greek low-fat yoghurt (source of protein)
  • 1/2 a cup of soy milk
  • a tablespoon of hemp seed (a source of protein and fatty acids)

If it is pre-workout, I may use brewed green tea that has been chilled rather than soy milk as it gives an extra boost of energy and the caffeine assists in muscle building.

The protein powder is also optional.

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